Jamie Dimon appeared on Charlie Rose, talked about banking & JP Morgan Chase.

Monte Python gives hiring managers advice on interviewing prespective candidates.

Doug Neeper interviewed by Tom Loarie about 2009 Job Connections Summit.

Doug Neeper interviewed by Aaron Crowe regarding unemployment in California.

Doug Neeper interviewed by Ian Griffin (podcast) regarding Job Connections.


How do you ‘build’ a budget? White Paper This presentation describes questions that should be asked / answered in the budget process and lays out a sample timeline / series of tasks.

What is FP&A? White Paper People oftentimes think FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) is insurance sales! Wrong! Read this paper to see clearly what FP&A can and should be!

Job Search Plan Presentation This is the presentation I gave to an audience of 50+/- fellow job seekers at Job Connections on July 7th, 2012.

Peformance Management Tools White Paper on the process of deploying webKPI, a performance management tool.

IGP Partners White Paper on the Wireless Media Convergence by Dr. John Forge. We believe it is insightful and thought provoking. It is a quick read and may be of aid to you directly or down the road.

Harvard Business review article by Prof. Peter Horvath and Dr. Ralf Sauter discussing why most budgeting processes fail / how to solve; inefficient, rapid obsolescence doesn’t motivate right behaviors, out of sync with strategy.

Booz report on Media Industry 2010 Trends by Messrs. Vollmer, Egol and Vogelsang.

Summary of Health Care Reform Act – Good read, but, its 11 pages.

Job Connections program recognized by City of Danville.


HR(X) 2011 Appropriation Bill

Energy Act of 2005

Economic Recovery Act of 2009


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