Current News

11/23/2015 First day at Insideview, they’ve implemented NetSuite (accounting & planning), and like many companies, have discovered that it needs to be tailored after implementation to better fit their needs.

11/19/2015 Last day at Enlighted, secured funding ($30M) and a recently hired FP&A person is taking over the month to month FP&A needs.

09/30/2015 Visited New England / Canada; went to Canada to experience the world’s greatest tidal change (Bay of Fundy) and the world’s greatest baseball team (Redsox).

04/30/2015 New Director of FP&A out on emergency back surgery, asked by CFO to stay on.

03/26/2015 Enlighted project is coming towards an end, a GREAT Director of FP&A was hired in December 2014, and I’ve successfully transferred the FP&A function to him over the last few months.

03/01/2015 I’ve done a number of non-Enlighted projects (GPS Dashboard, Reach Technology, CRS LLC, Sanarus) in the last few months, all entailing financial modeling.

12/30/2014 Visited Catalina Island, rented a cart (who doesn’t?), went on a 3 hour tour of the interior (a must) and rented to boat to go around the southern end of the island, toured the “casino”. Did you know that “Mutiny on the Bounty” was through an accident (lost original film) largely filmed on Catalina?

09/30/2014 Returned from a trip to British Columbia. Ferries, ferries every where! Stayed in Victoria, on Gabriola and Galiano Islands. Went to Butchart Gardens, saw the “Jersey Boys” on Galiano at the community center, visited petroglyphs on Gabriola (disappointing), visited the 49th parallel on Galiano, saw Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria (fantastic).

04/01/2014 Started at new project with Enlighted, its in Sunnyvale. The company currently manufactures hardware and software that results in lower use of energy (electrical). Great plans for other products / services and it has a stellar management team. I’m working on the corporate planning model which will shared with potential investors to support our B, C and D rounds of funding. I’ve been hired to fill the FP&A gap and support the development of package for the Board.

11/21/2013 Towards the end of my contract with Cobalt Technology; I’ve updated the existing Adaptive Planning system, insured that the Income and Balance Sheet flow smoothly into the Cash Flow. We also created a mechanism to move inputs for timeframe A to timeframe B, or back to timeframe A, without having to re-uploaded the forecast into a n/ew timeframe.

10/03/2013 Just returned from Italy, three weeks, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Paestum, Oriveto, Guardistallo, Monterosso and Venice. Hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza. Visited the greek temples at Paestum. Took the vaperetto from Venice to Murano (famous for glass).

07/01/2013 Started contract with Cobalt Technology; they are trying to use Adaptive Planning to replace their existing Excel base forecasting model. Their instance of Adaptive was developed by a third party vendor, and I’ve been brought into to modify it to the companies current circumstances.

05/01/2013 Started contract with Lifehighlights, it’s a startup headquarterd in Green Bay (home of the Packers). Two lines of business, converting ‘analog’ film media (photos, slides, VHS, Beta, etc.) toe digital. Second line, creating a platform through which pictures can be shared with mass audiences (say a football game at Stanford).

04/16/2013 Ended contract with Rimini Street. Got opportunity to learn Adaptive Planning.

04/15/2013 – Started new project with Accela, helping the Finance group create a new financial model. Accela is a software provider to a variety of Government agencies with the intent of improving government operations.

03/15/2013 – Picked up short term contract with Reach Technology, helping their Controller upload the 2013 budget into NetSuite.

01/05/2013 – Friday was my last day with Rubicon Programs; I’ve accepted a position with Armanino McKenna, CFO Services. I’ll start this new assignment on Monday, I’ll be working at Rimini Street helping to deploy Adaptive Planning and helping the CFO / Finance Team gets their collective arms around its FP&A processes. It is an interim contract and should last through April 2013.

10/26/2012 – In the midst of a contract with Rubicon Programs (non-profit) in Richmond, California. I’m taking over the FP&A function through the end of the year. Additionally, I’ve been working with the CFO of a Solar company in the North Bay building the company’s 2013 Budget.

8/22/2012 – Started a contract with Reach Technology (DAS) in Livermore, helped controller put 2012-2013 budget into NetSuite.

06/22/2012 – Just finished a short-term contract with Boudin Bakery & Cafes, one of my favorite places to eat, good food at fair prices. I was brought in to replicate their audited financial statements (P&L and Balance Sheet) in FRx. Had to sync FRx with their accounting system (MAS200), kind of fun, actually, when you step back. Took me three weeks to sync the P&L and another three weeks to tie-out the Balance Sheet.

03/01/2012 – Just finished a short-term contract with Service West, a Furniture & Fixtures installer based in San Leandro, California. Worked with the VP of Finance to build a budget model for 2012, consolidated net income statement (monthly) and cash flow statement (weekly). Model included four operating regions and corporate headquarters.

Just got back from Big Sur trip; we’d postponed it three times because of my wife’s consulting work; stayed at Deetjens; toured the Big Sur Lighthouse, hiked up to the kiln at Lime Kiln Creek and to the waterfall at Julie Pfeiffer Burns park. Will definitely go back!

01/13/2012 – Left Solar Millennium

I left Solar Millennium LLC December 9, 2011. The company is essentially bankrupt and is downsizing in order to preserve a small amount of cash reserve while it sells its development properties to another company. I’ve just finished a short-term consulting engagement with Service West in San Leandro. Helped the VP of Finance create a consolidated forecasting model which will be used to monitor net income results on a monthly basis and cash flow on a weekly basis.

10/26/2011 – To Be Determined

I’m currently working at Solar Millennium in Oakland. We took a very un-Solyndra like action, we actually turned down a $2 Billion loan from the Federal government. We did so because we couldn’t roll out the technology (CSP) so that it was profitable. We turned down the loan in September 2011, and since then we’ve been trying to reorient ourshelves as a utility scale PV solar company. It public knowledge, we’re in the midst of being acquired by Solar Hybrid, and who knows what the future holds. Consequently, I’m in a search mode, focused on FP&A opportunities in the greater SF Bay Area; samples of my prior work include:

– Created a number of financial models helping executives evaluate course(s) of action, before committing resources

– Implemented budget, forecasting, variance analysis systems at Calpine, NextG and Solar Millennium

– Financial due diligence on prospective contracts, joint ventures and new products / services

If you have any thoughts regarding who I could reach out to to explore potential FP&A opportunities, I’d appreciate your assistance.

08/05/2011 – Went to Alaska for a week, took the 92 mile tour into the Denali National Forest, saw bear(s), fox, wolves, caribou, moose, saw a bear fighting a wolf. Drove down to Whitter, its one of the three ports in Alaska that stays open  year round, took a glacier tour and stayed at the Whitter Inn (great views of the inlet). Drove over to Kenai and did a day trip down to Homer on spit. Hadn’t wanted to go to Alaska, glad I did!

09/03/2010 – Networking (20), Internet (0)

Effective 09/03/10, I end my contract accounting ‘gig’ at Gracenote.  I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in the accounting / finance group; without a doubt, this one of the finest teams I’ve worked with.

I start a new job with Solar Millennium LLC 9/13/10. It’s a solar energy startup; develops, builds and operates solar power plants. Solar produces steam to turn steam turbines making electricity. SM has nine projects in development, but no operating plants in the US; its parent company has four operating solar plants in Spain. I’ll manage budgeting and forecasting and report to the Chief Financial Officer.

If interested, you can get a more complete ‘story’ on my blog,, current news.

In between positions, I’m going to Chicago for a brief vacation and have tickets for a Cub’s game!

It’s been a fairly short transition. I lost my NextG job 6/17; started a contract @ Gracenote 6/25; new Solar Millennium job 9/13. Three months; my last job search took a year, a sign the economy is better.

I found the Solar Millennium job through networking; a posting on Job Connections, from a person working at Solar Millennium. I knew this person slightly. I sent an email congratulating her on a new position and asked her to keep me in mind for new finance positions. She responded the company had a financial analyst position it was trying to fill and sent me the job description. I sent my resume and a brief email describing the position / company I would find attractive and why I fit this position.

Days later, a phone screen; a week later, a 4 ½ hour interview with six people. The next day, Friday, the recruiter asked for references. Over the weekend, I got feedback these were being checked. Tuesday, I was offered a position. Wednesday, I accepted the position as Senior Finance Manager Budgets.

There are a number of ‘things’ you need to be doing to be successful in your job search.  Join ‘affinity’ groups; meet one new person a day; join / create a success team; and, look for other people to help.

Groups I’ve found beneficial in my job searches are:

Job Connections (

Bay Area FENG (

Anderson Jobs (

A success team is 5-9 people, all in the ‘hunt’ and meets once a week for 1.5 to 2.0 hours. It’s a forum for sharing your search efforts and eliciting situational advice. Accountability!

I’ve had 17 contract ‘gigs’ and 3 jobs since leaving SBC in 2000. These opportunities were ALL attained by networking. Networking really does work. If I can help / advise you in your ‘travels’, I’d be happy to help.  The American Philosopher, Tim Allen, says it best “Never give-up, never surrender”!

Doug Neeper     925.451.4541


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