“Robert Kim Wilson Notes 3/17/12 #in”

Attended Job Connections presentation by Robert “Kim” Wilson regarding how the brain works and relating how it works to performing better in a job search. Sounds dry, a bit intellectual, but it was an interesting discussion. You can get Kim’s presentation by sending him an email at kim@tlcbrain.com.

Robert Kim Wilson Notes 3/17/12
Brain is a machine, are you working it in a way that it’s designed to work Think, Learn, Create (TLC)
Translate info into common terms
Reduce overload of info
Two brains, left and right brain
Left=logical, rational,analytical,verbal
A day in the life of a brain (left)
Time bound, analytical, decisions, judgmental, verbal
A night in the life of a brain (right)
Timeless, experiential, spatial, visual, intuitive
Over a 24 hour period, brain is seeking balance
Good balance in wake state, less sleep, healthier
Front / Back; top to bottom; same as left /right
Conciousness (awareness, deduction), subconscious (memories, stored imagery, imprints), superconciousness (visions, insights, clairvoyance) Nine rules of from sample of prof. development (40000+/-)
1. Meta thinking (be aware of how you think)
Einstein – “can’t solve problem with same mindset”
2. Aware of awareness
Replace bad mind sets with good (the zone)
3. Bite sized chucks
7+/-2 items
4. Brain is a 24 hr cycle
5. Symbols, metafors, stories
Info bettered stored as symbols, always filtered (left), Right side just wants data
6. Shape and control your own reality brain cells grow, when you think of something, your brain is required. You are what you think. 7. You’re never, ever alone
Brain wired to get help from other brains
8. Highest excitement = natural state
9. Meta paradox, if you can ask a question , you already have the answer Kim@tlcbrain.com

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