Job Connections Speaker – Dan Conrad (2/18/2012)

Job Connections Speaker (2/18/2012)

Dan Conrad, Topic “Getting Referrals”

Dan Conrad spoke at Job Connections this Saturday. I took notes (below) regarding what Dan was saying
that I found particularly relevant / interesting. If you haven’t attended a meeting, you should check us out!

Goal: Minimum one network meeting per month
Question, is it better to randomly pick meeting? or, better to consistently go to one meeting? My belief
is that it’s better to go to one meeting consistently.

Look for connectors (people willing to introduce you to other folks), they’ll have a big red ‘C’ on their
foreheads (just kidding!)

1. Boost LinkedIn profile code (book2012)

2. List of 20 target company’s for use in a networking situation

3. Research trigger events (company events) 400 times more likely to
hire; sources for trigger event, signal on linking in, technorati, etc.

4. Pick high change companies (more likely to hire)

5. Search for LinkedIn connections

6. Ask for an introductions; 20 times more likely to get a job with an
inside introduction.

Doug Neeper

from my iPhone
FP&A = Better Decisions


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