How do download your Linkedin Contacts in a CSV file

You gotta ask why you would want to download your contacts from Linkedin:

a. Keep track of your contacts in Linkedin, just in case something happens in cyberspace
b. More easily see who you know a “XYZ” company
c. Conduct more personalized ‘marketing campaigns’, ie job search

Instructions that should enable you to fairly easily download your contacts from Linkedin into a ‘CSV’ file:

1. Go to linkedin home page
2. Click on the connections tab on the main menu
3. On the connections page, in the lower right, you’ll see a phrase “export connections” should be to the immediate right of the number of sent invitations
4. Click on the “export connections” link
5. You’ll go to the export connections tab, should be set to “microsoft outlook CSV file”, but if its not, click on the pop down menu and choose this option
6. Assuming it is set to “microsoft outlook CSV file”, click on the export button
7. Duplicate the ‘secruity’ codes and hit the continue button 8. Click on the open button, and the csv file should open up into excel 9. FYI, scroll to the right you’ll see a lot of interesting info, title, company, maybe phone numbers.
10. Save this file to your hard drive.

Best regards,

Doug Neeper


One Response

  1. Doug,

    You sound sceptical.

    Finance people and spreadsheets; like three year olds and hammers.

    I downloaded my Linkedin contacts last night. Why? To better manage my networking.

    I added several columns of data to answer the following questions.

    Where do I know this person from? What industry are they working in? Do I know this person well enough to give/request a trusted introduction?

    Filtering on different fields, I discovered several patterns in the data, patterns that I’m using to prioritize my networking efforts.

    Wouldn’t I need a premium Linkedin account to do the same thing (for a fee)?


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