Lynn Samuels Presentation Notes (SING)

Lynn Samuels – 11/07/2011
I went to the St. Isidores Networking Group (SING) last night. SING meets in Danville, Monday nights at 7PM. Smaller more intimate group, very impactful. Lynn Samuels was the facilitator for the meeting and spoke about “The Keys to success, flame out factors”. Her talk was in part based on the works of Lominger International; Lominger studied the traits which contribute to peoples success interviewing / working on a job.

They wrote about what causes the behavior and how can It be changed. Or rather, this was the discussion Lynn led us through last night.

As an example, am I a blocked personal learner? What are the symptoms of this characteristic? Closed to new learning, prefers same, narrow in focus, not insightful , doesn’t seek input, lacking curiosity. If I recognize this behavior in myself, how would I correct it? Let’s say I recognized I didn’t solicit other people’s opinions? I would slowly begin to ask other peoples opinions, reserve the right to make my own decision, but overtime get more comfortable with asking others opinions and in the long run make better decisions.

You can get a more complete listing of these characteristics, what level of employee they apply to and which ones are the most on

Good book:
Never eat alone