Dick Bolles 11/05/2011 Presentation Notes

Dick Bolles 11/05/2011
If you missed Mr. Bolles presentation this past Saturday, I’m sorry; it was one of the best, if not the best presentation we’ve had at Job Connections in almost ten years. His biggest ahha for me was that even in the worst of times, jobs are reported so as to minimize  there is in fact a significant amount of new jobs; I’ll leave it up to you as to speculate why. The example he gave was this April, net increase of 76K, masked, new jobs gotten by previously unemployed folks, of around 3 million. True this covers folks which lost jobs, retired, etc; but nonetheless 3 million NEW jobs.

You can see the other points of Mr. Bolles presentation on my website at http://www.dougneeper.com

1. Survival job search skills will be increasingly important; in the best of times millions of people are out of work

2. Change in employment levels not a good measure of jobs; in the worst of times here are millions of jobs

3. How do we survive; cover widest area with least efforts, resumes, elementary job search; employers want to hire people with least risk; cost of a bad hire; 1 to 5 to times the annual salary. Means they want to know who they’re hiring; hire from within; next hire people who know people outside company. In good times, employers coddle job seekers; in bad times, employers change behaviors. employees don’t change behaviors, no work, no jobs. Tough times. Employee has to change behavior. Hire at low risk, temp job.

4. Figure out where you’d like to work, focus on these companies. Small. New, small companies. Look for people who can sponsor us.

5. Inventory What are your Favorite skills, knowledge. You’ve got to love what you do.

6. Employers look at total package in their hiring position. Find a place to join, take more time to do survival job hunting.

7. What do you have to offer; transferable skills, which are your favorites, write a story. Write 7; you’ll see a pattern emerge, these are your favorites. Adjectives are traits, diligent, patient, etc; these aren’t skills.

8. Target companies whether they have jobs or not. Vacancies come up all the time. Use LinkedIn to find bridge person, someone who knows you, someone they know.

9. Job hunt a pragmatic science.

As an aside, our co-sponsors mentioned a job search checklist that you might want to check out, www.jobhuntersbible.com


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