Solar Trust – Changing Technology @ Blythe

Solar Trust says it’s not abandoning Blythe project

CEO visits desert to calm fears about stalled 1,000-megawatt plant

5:02 PM, Sep. 14, 2011 |
Written by
K Kaufmann
The Desert Sun

Solar Trust of America CEO Uwe T. Schmidt came to the desert this week to calm fears about the company’s commitment to its Blythe solar project and whether the 1,000-megawatt plant will ever deliver the hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic growth originally promised.
The company announced last month that the project, slated to be the largest solar plant in the world, would be on hold for more than a year for a switch from more complex and expensive solar thermal troughs to photovoltaic panels.
“This place is blessed; you have the highest radiation on the planet,” Schmidt said in an editorial board meeting at The Desert Sun. “This is an opportunity to do something really different; Solar Trust of America is going to do it with you. We always honor our deals. “It’s not a pull-out; it’s a change of technology.”

Other highlights from the editorial board session:


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