Solar Millennium Asks CEC to ‘permit’ PV on Blythe Site

Solar Millennium Wants California Energy Commission to License Redesigned PV Plant

August 25, 2011 – During a California Energy Commission business meeting on August 24, Solar Millennium said it is going to request that CEC waive the restriction for thermal jusridiction on the Blythe Solar Power Project, in addition to its Ridgecrest project. Solar Millennium implied they went photovoltaic on Blythe because the Department of Energy loan gaurantee conditions were too onerous and they were having financing issues. The Commission has not yet decided on whether it will continue to take jurisdiction over the solar plants after they have been redesigned to photovoltaic. CEC under the Warren Alquist Act only licenses thermal power plants, including solar thermal plants, and not photovoltaic power plants.

Solar Millennium said it will turn down the DOE loan guarantee and seek commercial financing. They have stopped all contruction on the Blythe project, except for certain monitoring activities and security, until next year.

The company is also considering switching its other solar thermal projects to PV, including Palen Solar Power Project nearby in Chuckwalla Valley, and Amargosa Farm Road Project in Nevada.


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