Tapan Munroe @ Job Connections This Weekend

Tapan Munroe – "Closing America’s Job Gap"

One of America’s serious economic problems is the skills gap. This gap has been accumulating over a number of decades. It is a function of failing to recognize the skill needs and the lack preparation of workers needed for new and emerging technologies that are transforming the content of all work, as well as creating new industries and new job opportunities. We need appropriate education and training strategies for job seekers in America.

•The main message of my talk is that success in the 21st century for businesses and job seekers:
1.It is essential that competitive companies and employees wholeheartedly embrace lifelong learning.
2.Innovators and entrepreneurs must be as concerned about talent development as they are about technology development and access to capital.

Tapan Munroe, PhD, has taught and researched at MIT, U. of Augsburg, UC Berkeley, U. of San Francisco, and U. of the Pacific. His research and writings, such as his Dot-com to Dot-bomb – Understanding the Dot-Com Boom, Bust and Resurgence, his Silicon Valley: Ecology of Innovation, and his recent book, What Makes Silicon Valley Tick? (2009) focus on the Silicon Valley and Bay Area economies, the study of the Dot-Com boom-bust cycle, and the resurgence of high technology industries. His latest book, Closing the Job Gap, coauthored with M.Walshok and H.Devries of UC San Diego was released in January 2010. He has been writing a bi-weekly column on economic issues and innovation for the Oakland Tribune, the Contra Costa Times, the SJ Mercury News and several other Bay Area News Group papers for many years.

Tapan is a member of the Advisory Board of City National Bank in San Francisco, emeritus member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Pacific Rim Studies at the University of San Francisco, and a member of the University of California President’s Board on Science and Innovation.




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