US Patent for High Concentration Solar PV Module

DFN: Improvements like this will continue to make PV Solar more economical.

OPEL Solar, Inc., Receives U.S. Patent for Its High Concentration Solar Photovoltaic Module
State-Of-The-Art Design Enables Lower Cost, More Efficient Solar Power Generation via Photovoltaic Cells

SHELTON, CONNECTICUT, AND TORONTO, ONTARIO, Oct 27, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — OPEL Solar, Inc. (“OPEL”), a leading global developer and supplier of high concentration photovoltaic (“HCPV”) solar panels and industry-leading solar tracking systems, today announced that OPEL has been issued a patent from the United States Patent office for OPEL’s concentrating solar photovoltaic module used for the generation of electricity in utility scale solar power plants, as well as commercial and industrial building applications.

The new HCPV Module invention was developed by Edward J. Linke and Francisco A. Middleton and represents the fourth generation of OPEL’s industry leading HCPV technology and modules.

OPEL’s HCPV module contains a housing structure that supports an array of photovoltaic cells and corresponding light guides. Using
concentration lenses to focus incident solar radiation into the housing toward the light guides that then project the solar radiation onto photovoltaic cells, the module has been recognized as a new, highly efficient solar energy apparatus.

“We’re pleased to be awarded this patent recognition for our unique approach to solar power generation,” said Lee M. Pierhal, President and Chief Executive Officer of OPEL Solar, “Our current High Concentration Photovoltaic Panel (HCPV) module is a high performance, reliable, cost-effective system developed for a wide array of grid connected solar systems for medium to high solar irradiance climates.”

“Because the high efficiency of the OPEL Solar HCPV panels result in significantly higher power generation per unit of area than competing technologies, we are seeing great interest among numerous potential partners throughout the world,” he continued.

About OPEL Solar, Inc. and OPEL International Inc.

With operations headquartered in Shelton, CT and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, OPEL designs, manufactures and markets high performance concentrating photovoltaic (“HCPV”) panels to transform solar energy into electricity for worldwide application. OPEL’s high performance photovoltaic concentrating panels generate up to 40 percent more kilowatt-hours than conventional flat plate silicon or thin film solar panels, resulting in more cost-effective electricity generated from the sun. OPEL also markets a complete line of precision dual and single axis solar trackers to mount solar panels for optimum power output. OPEL also designs infrared sensor type products for military, consumer, industrial and commercial applications.

A leader in gallium arsenide and solar photovoltaic technology, the Company has been awarded 33 patents and has 17 more patents pending. OPEL’s common shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “OPL”. For more information about OPEL Solar, Inc., please visit the Company’s website at OPEL Solar, Inc. is a subsidiary of OPEL International Inc. /quotes/comstock/11v!e:opl (CA:OPL 0.37, -0.01, -1.35%) .

Dated: October 27, 2010


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