Dow delivers heat transfer fluid to solar facility

DFN: Solar Millennium uses this type of heat transfer fluid to generate steam / electricity and stores the excess for use in the after sundown hours.

Chemicals giant delivers heat transfer fluid to solar energy facility
By: Mary-Anne O’Donnell
3rd September 2010

Chemicals company Dow is set to deliver 2 000 t of its specialised heat transfer fluid, Dowtherm A, to inter- national solar energy producer Andasol’s solar energy plants, in Guadix, in southern Spain.

Dow will also fill renewable-energy operator Iberdrola Renovables’ plant, in Ciudad Real, Spain, with almost 1 000 t.

Dowtherm A is a mixture of fluids that have high temperature stability that is needed to collect, transport and store heat.

The chemical is used to collect heat energy and transport it to a power gene- rating plant, where the heat converts water into steam to run turbines to generate electricity.

Each of the plants that Dow is supply- ing will produce 50 MW of power, giving a total of 150 MW, which is enough electricity for about 90 000 homes.

The Andasol plants will save as much as 450 000 t of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the atmosphere through the use of tradi- tional fuels.

“Each of these orders is very large. A lot of time was spent designing an effec- tive manufacturing and supply chain capability to deliver the large amounts of the heat transfer fluid needed for these solar plants,” says Dow Performance Fluids global business director Steven Stanley.

Edited by: Martin Zhuwakinyu


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