Obtaining a person’s email address

A challenge in today’s job search market is how to find someones email address. You can:

1. Do a ‘google’ search, type in *.*, and this will usually result in the email naming convention used by company xyz. You may have to wade through a number of pages.
2. For public companies, browse around their website (start with investor relations), this should result in giving you the company email naming convention.
3. Use ‘brute’ force, one at a time, try sending an email to the person you’re trying to reach, eg, Joe Smith (after each joe smith, add @xyz.com):
a. jsmith
b. smithj
c. joe.smith
d. joe_smith
e. smith.joe
f. smith_joe (space = _)
g. joesmith
h. smithjoe
i. joe

4. Call the company and ask for Joe Smith’s email address.

Again, send one out, wait for a rejection, then send the next one out, keep track of which one works and add the working address to your contact list.

Sumanta, I’ve got a fair collection of articles regarding job search on my blog site, most are relevant in today’s market.



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