Networking Venues in the SF Bay Area

1) HR Breakfast Club:
2) FountainBlue: This organization has a variety of events, including a transitions meeting once a month.

3) Churchill Club:
4) BAEDN: Bay Area Executive Development Network is about strategy and executive subjects from a learning and development perspective.

5) SBODN: South Bay Organization/Development Network—good content.
6) Executives Network: This is Molly Wendell’s group—Attendance is way down this year so I don’t recommend this group.

7) HRExecNet: Even though I started this organization back in 2001, I don’t recommend it. The original intent was for executives, but it is mostly attended now by HR Managers and Business Partners.

8) NCHRA: (CA branch of Society for Human Resources Management)
9) Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives: HR Strategy Forum This is the best HR group for strategic content and networking.

11) HR Leadership Forums
12) McDermott & Bull I really liked this group and not only attended meetings last year, but also co-facilitated several sessions on topic-related subjects around job search.
13) As you probably know, this is a comprehensive listing of business events/networking opportunities in the community.
14) FENG,, need to apply for membership ($0) and need a sponsor. Use me as a sponsor, Finance & Accounting ONLY

15) MENG, marketing executives networking group
16) EBHR—Roxie’s group.
17) San Francisco Business Times events. Some of these are very expensive but I have gone to the pure networking meetings that are more reasonably priced. I have met some interesting people there.



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