Cliff Notes – Frank Burgoyne and Peggy Schaller 4/10/10

Frank and Peggy spoke this Saturday at Job Connections regarding interviewing.  Frank and Peggy Schaller spoke at Job Connections on 4/10; good overall views on how to approach interviewing. It was really interesting to see how they worked as a team.

My notes on their presentation are as follows:

Cliff Notes – Frank Burgoyne and Peggy Schaller
Effective interviewing & salary negotiations

How to prepare for interview before you interview

Before, during and after

Interview is an exchange of info

Company is trying to discern what you can do for them.

It’s OK to be nervous, this won’t eliminate you from consideration.

Practice interviewing before hand.

Voice mail should be professional.
Email professional, good contact info in signature area.

Get a call, in person or over phone; what position, who will you be talking with, anything special to bring.

Dress code- depends on company

What Type of interview, 1 on 1, group?

Soft skills important often they’re what get you a job.

What will you bring besides your skills

What would I ask if I was interviewing candidates.

Research job and company

Have reference available and ready; name, phone, email, title, company and your relationship.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong- PREPARE

Be prepared to talk about your skills, know yourself

What can you do for me, how can you solve my problems

Dark cloud questions – why did you leave last job; what have you been doing; you don’t have the right experience. Practice, matter of fact, show how you’ve learned.

Be organized in you answers to questions and brief.
Think in terms of stories you can tell. 5 to 10 stories.
Need to listen to questions and what interviewer says.

Arrive 10-15 minutes before interview.

Eye contact, good handshake, posture (first impression).
Sit slightly forward.

Sell your experience and how you can solve their problems.

Tell them you want the job.

Give examples of where you’ve made a difference.

Professional demeanor, don’t complain re past employers, don’t complain about looking for a job, be yourself and not someone you think would be more attractive.

Convert negatives into positives, I made a mistake but I learned x.

Don’t talk too long, two minute rule, you’re looking to have a conversation and create a dialogue.

Try to speak quantitatively regarding your experiences.

Have your own list of questions.

Framing questions, what are your goals in hiring this role.
What type of person are you looking for?

Closing interview, do you have any concerns? What are the next steps. Thank them for their time.

Telephone interviews: listening for energy and enthusiasm.

Beware of using a cell phone.

In person, phone, panel, over a meal, serial.

Thank you might, keep an interview journal, followup, continue to interview.

Prepare for negotiation, don’t be afraid to push back, know what you want, need, know what the market Is offering.

Ask what their salary ranges are,
Avoid talking about salary, who asks first loses, give a range.

Think about whether you’re going to negotiate and for what.

They say a salary that’s too low, day nothing, say “that’s a bit modest” have your value speech at the ready.

Ask for a salary review in 90 days.

Iterate your interest, negotiate a start date.

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