“Why should I hire You?”

DFN: Another great post from Glassdoor (no I don’t work there). Great approach (see Liz’s response to Nora) to the question "Why Should I hire you", in a nutshell, "I’m not sure that you should, if you / I think there’s a fit, and if you want someone that will accomplish the important goals" then maybe you should hire me. If there’s not personal fit, then you should hire some else".

Job Seeker, Don’t Do Anything Stupid
Posted: 31 Mar 2010 11:47 AM PDT

Dear Liz,
I’m a 42-year-old marketing manager who’s done well in her career although the last 18 months haven’t been any kind of high point. I was on a job interview last week and I felt good about my chances and the way the interview was going. I went into a meeting with my prospective boss’s boss, the senior VP of Marketing. The guy is an old-school autocratic military type with a very officious air and a sky-high opinion of himself. I found myself making excuses for him in my head, like “He’s kind of a blustering posturing blowhard, but he wouldn’t be my direct boss, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.” Then he asked me one of the worst interview questions in history, namely “Why should I hire you over all these other candidates?” and I felt my skin crawl. I tried to be jaunty and jocular, and I said, “I don’t envy your decision, but I’ve got the technical marketing experience and I’m fun to work with” and I felt a horrible creepy-crawly feeling because it so goes against my nature to praise myself like that. He wasn’t satisfied, and said “I want to know why you’re better than the other people I’m going to talk with today, and why I should pass on them to make you an offer.” I stammered something about “I have this, that and the other experience” and he said “I’m only going to ask you one more time, why are you better than everyone else I’m going to meet?”

Liz, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t put down people I don’t even know, and so I said “Of course I haven’t met them, but I’m sure I’ve got as much of what you need as anybody else in the mix, so at the end of the day you’ll have to roll the dice.” I don’t think I’m getting the job. Do I even want the job? My question for you is, how far do you have to veer away from your gut and your values in order to get a job these days?



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