Cliff Notes – Jerry Garfield – Creating Confidence, Dealing with Stress – 3/18/10

Jerry Garfield – Creating Confidence, dealing with stress – 3/18/10

Executive Coach, networking session afterwords, networking templates, cards not enough.
Sit in circles, 7, max number for good interaction, no such thing as a road map to a job search.

Jerry’s spent the last three years in / out of employment.

Economy makes it emotionally even more demanding.
Once you get a job, it’s not so stressful. Duh!
Different days / times it’s trying.

Three phases of a job search – wilderness, discovery, landing
Adaptability a key to success
Goals, objectives a necessity, resiliency.
Resiliency is genetically based, but it can be learned? Yes.
Martin Seligman wrote “Learned Optimism”

Doesn’t necessarily mean perfection, give yourself a break.
Humor a key to surviving out of work, have time to learn and bring back onto the workforce.

Survey exercise, self assessment, score yourself on importance of each item to you, what’s your current level, desired goal, (scale of 1-10 would be ‘better’), on a scale of H, M, L. Analysis of this info and its application can help you boost your resiliency and increase your confidence.

Key elements of survey:

1. Stay Connected to Yourself
2. Stay Connected with Others
3. Lean into Optimism
4. Spiritually Engaged
5. Give Back
6. Pick Your Battles
7. Health Matters
8. Actively Seek Solutions
9. Find Silver Linings

Which of the H is most important

Mind affects body, body can affect mind.

Introverts, solution to problems are in side of yourself. Extroverts just the opposite, you need to do which you are, in order to properly focus your efforts.

Jerry’s website is,, for a copy of his worksheet.


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