“Health Care Reform”

DFN: Bottom line, the President’s plan doesn’t seem all that bad, and I can see personally, I’ll benefit when I retire and I’m faced with the conundrum of what to do about health care. I found a summary of the Health Care Reform Bill, the final Act will be a compromise between the Senate and House Bills. But, here’s a summary (of the summary):

1. Health Care Extended to 31M people w/o insurance.
2. People with insurance can keep their existing health care coverage.
3. People w/o health care insurance will be offered tax credits to help pay for the costs.
4. People who can’t afford insurance, but, want it, will be offered subsidized payments (much like the Federal Governments payment for 2/3 of the COBRA payment).
5. People who have insurance, but, the plan is just too good, may have to pay a tax on the too good coverage.
6. Businesses that employee more than 50 people will be offered tax credits to make insurance available to employees.
7. People and (I presume) businesses that don’t want to get health insurance will be ‘fined’ on an annual basis, and these $ go into the ‘insurance’ pool.

8. Theoritically this is ‘revenue’ / ‘tax’ neutral, in other words, all angles covered, it will pay for itself and supposedly has the potential long term to reduce the budget defecit $1 Trillion. This has got to be based on the assumption that currently uncovered health care costs are some how / some way ultimately borne by the federal goverment.

You can get a copy of the summary on my website on the video clips / white papers tab, or click on this link:




One Response

  1. 1) These people had just better be U.S. citizens that file a tax return. I will not see this country pay for a ‘free lunch’ to illegal aliens.
    2) is a great thing
    3) No way jose, if you cannot afford the health insurance well than too bad.
    4)see above
    5)Are you joking, this idea is so bad that it makes me yell at the computer. This point is going to make point six suck hard.
    6) the best idea presented, however it becomes a less of a good idea due to the fact that point 5 makes an incentive to offer bad plans.
    7) No way jose!
    8) Theoretically and actually are two different things. In theory I could become the president of the united states, but actually that will not happen.

    Just my two cents.

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