Cliff Notes – Brian Golter – 3/6/2010

Brian Golter spoke at Job Connections today, if you weren’t able to attend, I’m sorry, you had the misfortune to miss one of the best speaker’s we’ve had this year.
This is the second time he’s spoken at JC. I’d intended to take notes during his talk, but, my iPhone ‘crapped’ out. You know things happen for a reason, it forced
me to listen and enjoy his talk. It convinced me that I’m on the right path. And, got me interested in seeing "Alice in Wonderland".

So, instead what you have here is my memory of what Brian talked about, the stories and the points he shared with us.

1. Brian opened up by saying he hadn’t prepared anything to say. And, then went on to talk quite eloquently.
2. The topic he centered on was how to face the demon we’re all confronted with, unemployment.
3. Related the content of a letter he’d received from someone who’d written a company that sent him a rejection letter. Bottom line was his letter to the company
rejecting him, refused his rejection and stated that he’d be into work starting Monday, and good luck with future rejections.
4. Related a story about a lady demanding he find her a job, she was losing her house, and potentially her kids, Brian’s advice to the lady, go take a walk on the
beach. Lady cussed Brian out, Brian not inclined to help, lady did take a walk on the beach, got peace about her situation, Brian did find her a job.
5. Linked the movie "Alice in wonderland" to the job search we’re all facing / have faced.
6. Talked about his own job search (22 years ago) we he was, broke, penniless, desperate; interviewed for current position, pretended everything was OK, interviewer
(June) discerned everything was NOT OK, and for some reason gave him a job anyway; it didn’t pay anything (commission only), hour and a half commute. But, to this day,
he’s still there doing something (recruiting) that he didn’t think he’d love, but, its clear he does.


1. Somehow learn that ONE thing that’s holding you back. You can do this by interviewing with the right person, talking to friends, with a career coach.
2. Find a way to deal with your fears ($, medical insurance, age, whatever), your fears will get in the way of you’re being hired.
3. Fears hide that perhaps you’re on a path for a reason, and make the journey take longer than necessary
4. Don’t focus so much on the $, the location, the title; focus on who you’ll be working for and what you’ll be doing. Enjoying what you’re doing is much more important.
5. Try to attend Job Connections, at least once a quarter, to renew old acquaintances, even if you’re working. OK, OK, Brian didn’t say this I just threw this in.

Brian’s website is, you can get his contact info from this site; if you haven’t read his book (The Right Job, Right Now), its good, and inspirational.



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  1. The full title of his book is: Your Right Job, Right Now: Unconventional Wisdom, Unbelievable Results from My Boss June by Brian Golter

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