IP Telephone and VoIP explained

DFN: IP Telephony was just over the horizon when I left SBC (2002); good article explaining IP and VoIP.

IP Knowledge is A Must in Telecommunication Operators These Days
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yup, IP knowledge is a must in telecommunication operators these days because almost all of the hardware use Internet protocol (IP). It is true – i experienced it by my self. It is true that some of telecommunication service already used IP since beginning such as data service, Intelligent Network (IN), Value Added Service (VAS) and Short Message Service Center (SMSC) – but not for voice service as core service of telecommunication operators around the world. But now the voice service is not in exception from IP anymore. You may think that this IP only use as support system of voice service but i must disappoint you – the IP already become the core of voice service in many operators.

As you may already aware that VoIP technology already introduction in this century as emerging of IP and voice service. This VoIP already provided so many voice service in around the world – especially for long distance and international voice service. There are also some VoIP service that give by free such as yahoo messenger and gtalk voice service – and do not forget about the old and most known cheap VoIP service – skype. There are so many worldwide company that able to save their telecommunication expenses because of these VoIP service. And the companies also can make their own VoIP network as long as they have internet connection to each their world wide office.

OK, You may think that all of these VoIP things do not make IP Knowledge become a must in Telecommunication operators. Yup, you are right. VoIP is a different telecommunication service if compare with old traditional voice telecommunication service . The old traditional telecommunication service which use switch technology is still become the biggest business for telecommunication service even VoIP already use world wide. It is because many people experience the bad quality from VoIP and also that VoIP service do not able service mobile user. Both of it is the biggest factor why that the old traditional switch base voice service still in this world.

And after this – you may become sure that I was wrong when said IP Knowledge is a must in telecommunication operators, right? If you think like that, you will be disappoint again soon. It is because I true that IP Knowledge is a must in telecommunication operators these days. As I said in previous paragraph, it is true that the traditional switch base voice service is still liked by users which make VoIP which is the IP voice service still do not able to replace it. So we can leave about that VoIP things and now we look what currently happen in traditional switch base voice service. If you in telecommunication operators in this two years, you should aware that almost all of the telecommunication hardware already use IP in it – and that also for traditional switch base voice service.

All of traditional switch base voice service hardware already use IP in it – even the SS7 already used over the IP. Therefore, BTS, BSC, and MSC which the core of switch base voice service also already use IP on it. It is because IP technology give the more flexible feature and also give a great saving for hardware resources. I already see some of IP Base MSC and it is really tiny if compare with the switch base MSC. It will make the companies save many resources such as place, power consumption, and others. This IP technology also make that all voice service hardware able to remote and monitor easily. And also the the traditional voice service will be easy to integrate with VoIP service so telecommunication users surly will enjoy all of flexibility trough voice service.

And the consequence of IP using in traditional voice service is that telecommunication operator guy should have IP knowledge. It is a must so all the service can run smoothly and each issue will be handle in short time. And as you know that the old traditional switch base voice service have big different with IP base technology so telecommunication guys need to learn it again from beginning. It is need hard work for telecommunication operators guys to cope up with this evolution of voice service but it is worthy because will bring telecommunication companies to next step. So, if you want to have career as telecommunication guys – especially for voice service engineer – you should learn about IP from now on because IP Knowledge surely a must in telecommunication operator these days



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