Cliff Notes – Sandeep Saxena – 2/19/10

Sandeep Saxena – Selecting companies (you want to work for) – 2/19/10

Are you looking for a job? Why sit in back?

Actions that you take – these are what get you a job.

Intellect – without action – failure

Selecting a company – odd? NO, less likely to be laid off.

What did you enjoy about you last job?

If you love what you do, let that guide your choices, $ will follow.

Happiness is a state of mind, you control your happiness.

If you get upset with someone, whose in control.

Write down what’s important to you in a company / job

(what’s important to me – sf bay area, growing company, FP&A, work for CFO)

Going for job interview – attitude / lack of enthusiasm

Decision made in 30 seconds. Dress well, enthusiastic, smile.

Companies hire people with energy.

What outcome are you looking for? Need to have a clear outcome.

Do homework. In person. Become the Warren Buffet of job search. Find companies congruent with your values.

Decide industry, skills required, company. Transferable skills. If your looking for work, you’re selling your skill set.

Start up vs long term success.

Stability v risk

Good perception of company from public perception.

Ask for contacts at xyz

Selection metrics: Good return on equity, Low debt, like products, company growing

Job Search Process
Research, dress nicely, manage your state, Build rapport, discover the need, sell to the need, close

1 out of 5, sales, have an attitude re not being selected, ie, "1 miss I’m closer to a sale".
Stray thought (DFN): I’m only Available today, once I walk out the door you’ve lost the chance to hire me.

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