Cliff Notes – Nicole Devlin – 02/06/10

Nicole Devlin – Real Change – 02/06/10
Who set goals / who didn’t
Easy to do, hard to achieve w/o action
Need to change habits to succeed
Enough negative energy w/o being hard on yourself.
Need to create a positive frame of mind. Money, job make us feel good.

Habit-acquired behavior regularly followed. Change – awareness.

Failure – goal too high, being too hard on yourself.

Examples of what you’ve tried and failed; tried and succeeded? Differences? Find job, loss weight; consistently work at finding work, think about losing weight; positive attitude. Scare the heck out of yourself! Life is difficult but you don’t have to suffer. Doing something.

Motivation, how did you view yourself? Use things to bother yourself to your advantage, see them as tools. Action helps make change. Once one commits self, providence starts helping you. Commit to action and do it, do action you’ve overcome inertia. Keeping fire lite, positive attitude. Head will ruin life, you can get through financial insecurity? When you feel bad, who did you call? If you didn’t call, you wanted to suffer. Hard habit to break.

Creating successful goals:
Long term vision; 90 day tactics
SMART goals. Easy goals , just do it, things that you have control over. S=simple, M=measurable, A=actionable, R=realistic, T=timely


Set yourself up for a Success
Breaking resistance, visualize success, dumping and detaching, accountability and sense of humor. Can’t do it alone, rely on other people.

Be realistic
Take small steps
Reward yourself often
Excitement is a key
Have compassion
Create an action plan

Action Plan
What’s your specific goal
Where do you need to put it so you’ll see it often.
Who will you call.
How will you affirm it.

Remember your human.

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