Football Game = 11 Minutes (of action)

DFN: Good to know, and good info for viewing planning; no wonder DVRs have gained popularity

Football Games Air Just 11 Minutes of Action
Posted: 15 Jan 2010 01:58 PM PST

Football Games Air Just 11 Minutes of Action
Planning to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 7th? Get lots of snacks and prepare for boredom.

"Out of 174 minutes of a typical football broadcast, only 11 minutes include shots of the ball in play,according to the Wall Street Journal’s study of four recent NFLfootball games. Other studies back them up.

As for the other 163 minutes of game time, commercials take up about an hour. That’s almost a third of the broadcast.

The rest, up to 60 percent of the total air time is spent on shots of players walking on the sideline, drinking energy drinks or huddling between snaps, according to the Journal. Not to mention replays, crowd shots and other filler silliness.

One not-so-fun fact: Football cheerleaders typically get about 3 seconds of air time.

All that lag in action means high costs for TV producers."



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