Cliff Notes – Irene Marshall – 01/09/10

Irene Marshall – Resumes
Ex-Robert Half Recruiter-10yrs
Resume/Career Coaching

Usually a person is stronger than what shows on paper:
Need to be able to tell stories
Lag between what we’ve done and your resume.
Why / how do we underestimate how others perceive us.

What do you think will give a bad perception of you?
We don’t know how to talk about what were good at.
How do you want to be perceived?
How do we handle age and employment gaps?
Were told as children not to brag.

1. Find a search partner
2. What is your whole package:
3. Did your job change overtime?

4. Go thru resume line by line, say it out loud. You’ll find ‘things’ to improve.
5. Resume should reflect what you’re doing, Resume tend to go stale.
6. Accomplishments vs job description, usually job description not equal to what you really do.

7. You need to write your resume, not anyone else.
8. Context, challenge, process, results everything needs to be stated this way.
9. Don’t dumb down resume
10. Don’t put things on resume that are not verifiable.

11. Don’t discount what you do at work and apart from work.

Resume – need to get handout Fromm Irene to get two sided sheet.

Send an email to Irene and asked for the complete handout (


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  1. Doug — Just to add a little more about the resume writing process….

    You are the expert on your own career. Whether you are reviewing your resume by yourself, with a job search partner, or with a professional resume writer, the process is essentially the same. You must take an active role in the writing.

    Is the resume under-stated, over-stated or properly positioned? If you work with someone else, it can be a useful collaborative writing process. The other person may offer a new perspective about what you have to offer your next employer. It can be hard to figure out for yourself.

    Irene Marshall, MBA, PhD
    CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer)

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