Some tips on discerning SPAM

DFN: Helpful about discerning whether emails are SPAM; I’m sure you know this, but with most email programs, you can ‘tag’ a spam email as spam and have it go automatically into a SPAM folder and you can delete the SPAM with little trouble. The one caveat is that sometimes emails get put into the SPAM folder that aren’t
SPAM, so I generally quickly scan through the SPAM folder before I delete.

It includes 6 things that explain why it is a spam.

Andrew Ludgate’s first note is that there is a “Click Here” text in the middle of the message.
The second note says that there is an “opt-out” banner which indicates it is an ad.
Next, there is a unique ID included in the email.
Fourth, the message does not contain any information regarding who sent the email.
The URL is the fifth indication. It is a random sub-domain and it ends with .info.
Lastly, everything in the email is an image except for the unique ID.

Source: Sophos
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