AT&T Makes Move to Phase-Out Landlines

DFN: I find it hard to believe this will met with success. Price of doing business.

AT&T Takes Step Toward Landline Phase-Out

The estimated one in five people who rely solely on landlines for their phone service better think about leaping into the 21st century before too much longer.

In a response to an FCC inquiry about the future of all-IP telecommunications, AT&T said it wanted to see requirements to support a wireline network to go the way of the Dodo. The phone giant also would like to see the government set a deadline for the phase-out.

Supporting the dwindling number of landline subscribers is a pricey business for the major carriers, who now have their hands in mobile phones, television, high-speed Internet and more. AT&T’s request does not include any suggestions on how to help those one-in-five wireline-only subscribers to make a transition. It also fails to bring up how to get everyone to sign up for home broadband via a telco (or any other type of operator, for that matter).

AT&T is also asking the FCC to survey carriers about any potential regulatory changes that could help leave copper phone lines in the dust.


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