Cliff Notes – Larry Dodd – 12/26/2009

DFN: Larry spoke today at Job Connections, lightly attended, very inspirational and informative on how to do better in our job search and in life. Larry will definitely be invited back to Job Connections, and I would encourage you to attend his next presentation. Larry THANK YOU for taking
the morning to attend and talk with the Job Connections group.

As an aside, Dean Tracy lead the group discuss, talked about Dirt, Pine Cones and Carrot Cake. The commonality? Taking something ‘bad’ and making it into something good out of something bad. Good, unintentional, setup to Larry’s talk. Funny how things work out.

The unique you – gaining a competitive advantage
Larry Dodd 12/26/2009

Larry’s background:
Finance / accounting, Controller, CFO
Arthur Anderson, KB Homes, SF Giants, Mertitage Homes, Signature Properties
Now a strategy consultant, key learning, business = people

1. Do your homework
How well do you know your background?
How well do you know yourself?

Success = knowking yourself and what you’ve done, like to do, are good at.

Are you happy with what you’re doing
Myers Briggs – test, amongst other
If your not happy with what you’re doing, you will not be successful
Look for jobs that can use what you have to offer.

What gifts do you have, are you investing in developing those gifts.

Creates a competitive advantage.

Connections get you in the door.

Larry was interviewing for two different jobs, one with Incline Village, one with the SF Giants.
Giants are still the best?
On verge of offer he felt from Incline, got request to interview with the Giants.
Why me? Because your there.
Business v sports of business.
Interviewed with Larry Behr – asked who Ron Hunt was, Larry knew (bonafides).

If you listen to the devil on your shoulder (self doubt), you’ll give off a bad vibe.

2. If your there, in the moment, bring your A game. What happens, happens.
A game = pray, not for success, but to be put on the right path.
Do homework, research company, industry, position, who you’re going to interview, questions you’re going to answer / ask

Read his book (Larry has compiled a book that over 20 years gives him a strong sense of who he is / what he’s done)
Trust if it’s supposed to be, it will happen
Patient, passionate and being there

3. Opportunities came at times of great stress. We near people who change our lives. "Uncle Arty". People knew he was there. Befriended Larry. Arty could touch people, recovering AA, diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease; still spoke; saw familiar face, hadn’t shared story, went up to him, can’t speak, would you speak? Young man, blue jeans, long hair (Larry?). Why did Arty choose to help the you man? Because he could.

Who can I help? Regardless of our circumstances, if we help people, good things happen!

Believe good things can happen.

Develop a mindset, if your there you belong there.