Computers – When you’re subjected to a ‘viral’ attack

DFN: Recently being subjected to a viral attack; my computers are clean, but, my emails reside on thousands of computers, and someone’s computer is hosting a virus which is sending out viagra commericals to people I’ve cc’d. Anyway, I will got to this website to report attacks.

How to Find and Report Known Malware URLs
Posted: 18 Dec 2009 07:44 PM PST

I recently came across an interesting site called “Fighting Malware” at . Fighting Malware is a website that lists the URLs of known malware, the IP address of the server it is on, the type of infection it is, the country it where it is hosted and the ability to look up more detailed information such as what the legitimate antiviruses detect it as.
Since this site lists the URLs of where you can get infected (be careful), it is a great place to infect a virtual machine of your own so you can practice your manual virus removal skills.
Additionally, if you ever come across a new infection this would be a great place to report it.

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