Passion Can Lead You Astray?

DFN: Best advice, be passionate about what you do and be yourself. I think the authors point is that passion has to be directed and you really have to know “the why” about what you’re passionate about in order to be successful following this path.

Another Story of Why “Passion” Can Lead You Astray
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Having passion isn’t enough. Believe it or not, deciding a career based upon your passion can lead you down the wrong road unless you know what within you makes it your passion. I know that is a bit confusing, so let me give you an example of how that works.

Monica worked most of her adult life in the planning department of local governments. Monica is passionate about many things. She’s passionate about decorating her house. She’s passionate about organizing and giving her parties. And she loves to explore bed and breakfasts.

Monica was in between jobs. She was relatively sure she wanted to get into the bed and breakfast business. After all it seemed to follow her passions. And as luck would have it, her family had a perfect place to build a bed and breakfast on Orcas Island in the Puget Sound.

She was ready to go. That’s when she came to us. She wanted to be sure she was doing the right thing before she made the leap. It’s a good thing she took the time to make sure…

We took Monica through The Clarifier and found that Monica is drawn to developing themes. She’s the master at it. When she senses the right theme, she begins collecting tons of details that would support that theme. Then she puts together the project around the theme.

She does this everywhere. She can’t help but get drawn into that way of thinking. Everything has a theme, even homework for her kids. She does it when she’s giving parties. She does it when she buys and decorates a new house. Anybody who knows Monica will tell you that she is amazing in her ability to develop a theme.

At first blush, this seems to fit her getting into the bed and breakfast business. After all, it fits her “passions”. Here’s why Monica quickly realized she would have made a big mistake getting into that business.

What made Monica love parties, decorating and bed and breakfasts was her absolute obsession with developing a theme. In the bed and breakfast business, Monica would have been able to develop a theme when she built the facility. But what happens after the facility is built? Unless she constantly decorated, that job quickly would have become more of a caretaker job than creating a theme. She would have been bored.

Monica also learned about her values through our values clarifier. This ranks a person’s top ten values from top to bottom. At the very top of Monica’s values was intelligence. Mary would have been able to learn a lot about a bed and breakfast during the setup phase, but she didn’t believe she would be able to learn much after the facility was set up.

From that, Monica decided she needed to be in the creative development phase of projects and needs to turn it over to someone else when it is past that creative phase.

You might ask what Monica ended up doing. Monica is getting into the business of helping residential areas develop a green theme. She’ll be the master at developing that green theme and she’ll love it, even though this wasn’t one of her “passions”. Why? Because it will use her Given Talent and fit her value set. It’s a no-brainer.

For your passions, there is an underlying way you process information that is unique to you that makes it your passion. We call this your Given Talent. If you want to know how much you’re using your core way of thinking (your Given Talent) in your work and home today, try our Free Reality Check by clicking HERE.

Until next time, remember…

Have some fun with just being YOU!!!


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