Cliff Notes – Jim Dowling – 11/21/2009

I took these notes at Jim Dowling’s presentation at Job Connections, the title was “”What If You ARE Exactly Where You’re Meant to Be?” A brief synopsis was sent out in advance and I repeat it here:

At a recent employment symposium an impassioned speaker, looking to uplift the audience, asserted that adversity is the good friend of character building. His attempt to inspire the audience boomeranged back with a “yeah but character building doesn’t pay the bills.”

At Saturday’s CCP presentation Jim Dowling, experienced career transition-er and emerging life and career coach, will address the role faith, trust and yes, character building can play in your career transition. Is it true that there is something “perfect” about the circumstances you find yourself in today? That it is not just a case of bad luck and hardship befalling you? And that if this is the place you are “meant” to be, how do you make use of this opportunity? This presentation seeks to encourage you to broaden your thinking, tools, practices and possibilities while leaving you in a more hopeful state as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Jim Dowling is a career and life transitions coach. He formerly served as Program Director at the Life’s Work Center, a career counseling nonprofit in San Francisco. Jim has also been a part of the leadership team at GraceWorks, serving as moderator, program director and job skills coordinator. Jim knows firsthand career and life changes. He left a successful career as a chef and recreated himself as a mediator, coach, and facilitator. Some of Jim’s other presentations are Has Anyone Seen My Job ?, Don’t Get Hooked By the Headlines, and Your Life is Calling- Can You Hear It?.



Career coach / fellow traveller

Unemployment an opportunity to change

What if it’s True you’re exactly where you should be? Suspend disbelief for the next 30 minutes.

There’s a reason why you are where your at.

You need to find the reason before you can move on.

Jim’s own background; 2007 laid off, stressful career and needed to change.

What was Jim going to do? Didn’t listen, health issues.

Started to substitute teaching, etc. did a lot of things that were different, deathly afraid of public speaking.
Cooking at soup kitchens. Learned things about himself and what he liked to do, kept picking up new skills.

Carlos Hernandez, 25 years experience at X company, let go, bitter angry, little computer skills, 6 months after getting let go, got into web2.0, now a web guru; found things in himself that he didn’t know where there. Carlos to an extent is Jim’s role model, a role model for us all, really.

Follow your passion, your skills and eventually $ will follow.

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can, the answers (if you’re honest) will help you triangulate why you’re where you’re at:

1. Why are you meant to be at this place in your life.

2. What is the opportunity?

3. Is there a leap of faith? What is it?

4. Is there something you need to let go of?

Audience shares thoughts and ideas regarding the four questions.

Must have faith, let go of fear.

Five or so people gave personal answers to these questions.

“Faith takes the sting out of adversity and gives ‘power’ back to us.”

Lots of opportunities are out their looking for you, let go of the situations that don’t want you.

Three things you need, people, info, know what you want.

You need to think of this time as an opportunity, a gift, it really is!

Jim Dowling
(415) 387-4189


One Response

  1. Dear Doug,

    Thank you for summarizing Jim Dowling’s presentation at “Job Connections” yesterday. I would have enjoyed hearing Jim present, alas my love of the Stanford – Cal football lore kept me away.

    I am grateful to JIm for his observation about my transition path and I admire his too. I have known him for 12 plus years and he is consistent in his focus. He lives “Doing the next right and appropriate thing” principle. He consciously spends time thinking and feeling his way about life.

    I am reminded of another phrase…”If you don’t know where you are at, then how do you know where you are going?”

    The moment that Jim cites is the Now, and I have found that often the whispers of life’s messages contain the next step for me to take. The voices’ are those of my friends and colleagues who share from their life experience and it usually comes after I share openly as to what I am facing.

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