Cliff Notes – The Tradition Will Continue

I belong to a networking group, Job Connections, in Danville, California. We have over 3,000 people that belong to the group, but not everybody attends every meeting.  Attendance at our Saturday meetings currently averages around 150. Note, though this number may seem high, in January – March of this year, attendance was averaging 300+. This change in attendance is one of the reasons I feel ‘things’ are getting better. That, and I recently ‘landed’!

Anyway, I attend and hope to attend almost every meeting (particularly the ones I lead), and a couple of months ago started taking ‘Cliff Notes’. I will endeavour to continue this tradition, as it keeps me focused and by the comments I’ve received from people who can’t attend the meetings, I know it of value / service to others.

You can find these speaker notes (past & current) by typing “Cliff Notes” into the search box on my blogsite.

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