Press Release – Doug Neeper / NextG Networks

11/14/2009 Walnut Creek, CA

I have accepted a position with NextG Networks in San Jose, California. I will manage NextG’s budgeting and forecasting process. My first task will be helping to develop the company’s 2010 Budget which is due to be presented to the Board on 12/15/2009.

My first day on the job  was 11/09/2009.  I want to thank Roxie Vogt, Jack Strunk and Gordon Wong for their help. All three are fellow members of Job Connections, in Danville, California. Special thanks to Bill Meyer, the CFO of Bell Micro.

I found the NextG position as a result of the efforts of a fellow Job Connections member, Roxie Vogt. Roxie knew the company was hiring for a budgeting position and recommended me for the position. Roxie’s help was much appreciated. In fact, without her help, I would not have landed the job. I would have never known about the job as it wasn’t advertised! Did I say Roxie is now the Director of HR at NextG? So, simply put, she put herself at risk during her own interview process. What an extraordinary individual!

From start to finish, the process took about a month. Two interviews (phone and in-person). Several interesting events occurred during that month.

The Friday before the NextG in person interview, I talked with a Jack Strunk who used to work at NextG and gained valuable insights into the company. I hadn’t known Jack worked at NextG. I’d volunteered to review Jack’s resume, he sent it and I happened to open it up the night after the NextG phone interview. Subsequently, I arranged to meet with Jack. Thanks to Jack for his assistance in this process and his graciousness in offering to help.

I had been talking with two different companies regarding budgeting positions before the NextG interview. The night before the NextG in person interview, the CFO of Bell Micro, Bill Meyer, informed me via email of his decision to hire someone else for the Bell Micro budget position.

Before any NextG interview, another Job Connections member, Gordon Wong, reached out to me regarding a potential budgeting position at Optovue. The day after the interview with NextG, Gordon sent an email to me saying the position had been canceled. Nonetheless, the fact Gordon reached out to me with a potential opportunity meant a lot and I thank him for his kind efforts on my behalf.

A couple of days after understanding an offer would be forthcoming from NextG, Bill Meyer (Bell Micro) introduced me to a ‘friend of a friend’ and that lead to a phone interview and eventually an in person interview with Genentech. Thanks to Bill for his continued support.

Lastly, the day after accepting the job with NextG, I declined two different opportunities to interview with other companies. When it rains, it pours!

I’ve appreciated the support I’ve received from both the Job Connections and SING networking groups. THANKS! I will stay involved with both groups.

If there’s anything I can do to help you with your job search, or the job search of a friend or family member, I would be more than happy to help.

Best regards,


Doug Neeper       925.938.8261

NextG is a facilities-based carrier’s carrier that designs, permits, builds, owns, operates and manages Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks that enhance wireless performance. NextG Networks® DAS networks balance the aesthetics requirements of communities and consumers with the network performance needs of wireless carriers. NextG’s innovative fiber-optic architecture, low-impact, low-emission equipment, and municipal rights-of-way agreements are the foundation of each NextG DAS Network. Because the networks are protocol and frequency neutral, they can carry cellular, PCS, 3G or any combination of wireless frequencies, standards and technologies. The networks serve residential, urban, and difficult-to-zone areas across the United States for numerous carriers of all sizes.

Doug has a wide array of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) experiences accross a variety of industries / companies. Prior to joining NextG, Doug worked with Ronsum Corporation’s CFO to improve its valuation model. Doug implemented a planning system at Calpine, which allowed Calpine to emerge from bankruptcy in record time; He managed the group at SBC evaluating all new products, processes and services. Doug’s analysis resulted in funding projects which to date have generated well over $10B in revenue.


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new job, Doug. It’s been a tough time in 2009 for everyone in the area of job search, and I, unfortunately, was unable to introduce you to an opportunity myself. I wish you the best of luck. Should you need recruiting assistance, please keep me in mind.

    Incidentally — sending an email acknowledging the effort expended on your behalf (in this case recruiters) was a gracious thing to do. I find few candidates acknowledge the fact that Recruiters have been “working behind the scenes” on their behalf — even if it had Not manifested an interview. It’s also “good business” What goes around / comes around as they say.

    I understand the Recruiter is perhaps the last person who comes to mind when you are celebrating (with relief) landing the new job…. so, yes, thanks for acknowledging me and others like me who expended effort with your job search.

    Wishing you the very best.


  2. Doug –

    Nice going. You are an inspiration to those of us who strive to become better networkers!

    Let’s stay in touch and I hope you stay active in FENG, because you have done so much for the organization in the Bay Area.


  3. Doug,
    Congratulations! This market has been fickle and ruthless for many, so it’s encouraging to get your update.

  4. Hi Doug
    I am so happy for you and seeing another person getting a job encourages me in my own search, something which we all need. All the best .

  5. Doug,
    Congratulations and thanks for your invaluable leadership, but at Job Connections and of the C-level success team, which I will now be heading up. We will miss your leadership, but your landing has only reinforced the success of our group and the importance of being actively involved in one. We’ll look forward to seeing you periodically on Saturday mornings and will appreciate your on-going moderation of emails on the Job Connections board.

    All the Best!

  6. Doug,

    Sincere congrats on your landing!!! You were one of the first to reach out to me earlier in the year (introducing me to CPC after confusion regarding the FENG process).

    Now that you will be working in the area, I expect to see you at one of our SVNG meetings at the Faultline Brewry in Sunnyvale.

    Best wishes in your new position.

    Bill Hultzman

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