Cliff Notes – Jerry Garfield – 11/14/2009

Jerry Garfield spoke at Job Connections this Saturday and had some practical advice in regards managing the inevitable high / lows of a job search.

Jerry Garfield. – Managing ups/downs
Executive coach and past job seeker
Works a lot with change in companies
Certified – change guru
After this meeting, will conduct a workshop – what do you want to do?

Individual stories shared re ups/downs
Longer unemployed, worse things can get

A. Change vs transition
Change – an event / shift
Transition – experience regarding change

B. Three phases of job transition

Endings – loss/letting go/ closure
Lost in the wilderness – in between / no maps
New beginning – renewed sense of belonging and of routine

C. Strategies for each phase

1. As you work with Endings –

What is ending?
Evaluate what I’m losing
What do I need to let go of?
What can I do to make things end well.

2. As you are in the wilderness
Reestablish things disrupted by endings. On the CUSP.

Control (job search plan, success teams)

Understanding (rage at job loss, realizing I need to move on). Self analysis. Gain enhanced perspective.

Support (networking groups, success teams, coaching)

Purpose (what do you do with yourself, goals, reestablish routine)

3. As you work with new beginnings
What do I need to do to make the beginnings I want happen?



3 Responses

  1. Happy Monday Doug,
    Thank you for your thoughtful notes.
    I appreciate all your helpful emails on JC.

    Joyful Holidays,

  2. Doug – thank you for this. Was at a retreat Saturday and missed this.

    • Doug,
      Many thanks for the notes as they were an encouragement! I appreciate all of your emails via Job Connections.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

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