How can you setup a blog (like mine)?

How can you setup a blog (like mine)?
By Doug Neeper 11/02/2009 @ 9:16AM PST
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First of all, I have to give credit to my wife for pushing me down this vector. I’d been playing around with blogging a bit, and she asked me to help her and her friend setup their own blogs. During that excruciating two hours, it became clear how little I knew about setting up a blog, and that embarrassment provided the impetus to really want to learn more.

So, why would you want to setup a blog? The reasons I’ve setup a blog are:

1. Track / collect / store articles that are of interest to me
2. Get experience in ‘newer’ technologies / commenting / writing
3. Platform for helping others find work / deal with unemployment

4. Platform for publicizing Doug Neeper and my job quest
5. The holy grail: I’ll become a ‘thought’ leader, and jobs will come to me.

The steps I followed in setting up a blog took place over roughly 6 months, I setup it up initially in April 2009, but, didn’t use it a lot. Overtime, largely because of presentations / personal conversation with Walt Feigenson, I became convinced I should add a ‘blog’ to my job quest toolset.

The specific steps I would follow if I were to setting up a blog today are:

1. Talk with Walt Feigenson; for a price of a cup of coffee he’ll give you a lot of insights. I would also be happy to talk with you about blogging.

2. Go to and sign up for a blog.

3. Look at the various blog templates and choose one that suits your style.

4, Look at / experiment with all the features / options under My Account.

5. Look at / experiment with all the features / options under Dashboard.

6. Pay particular attention to the features / options under Dashboard / Appearance, Tools and Setting.

7. Under My Blogs, look at the email address to use to send posts from your customary email program to wordpress.

8. Start commenting on other’s articles, start writing your own commentary.

9. Get a month or so experience ‘blogging’ in a sheltered environment.

10. Under My Blogs, activate the option to send tweets from wordpress to twitter.

11. Before you decided to go live with your blog, look under Dashboard / Upgrades.

12. Seriously considered at least one upgrade, paying $10 – $15 / year for your own url. In my case I used my existing website url (, and pointed my wordpress url ( to my website. Now people access my blog using my URL versus a wordpress branded URL.

If this seems to much of a challenge, I’d be happy to add color to anyone wanting help, or, you could get in touch with my friend Walt Feigenson (wfeigenson) and for a fair price he could set this up (and more) for you. You can get more info about Walt at

Doug Neeper

Doug is looking for FP&A opportunities. He implemented a planning system at Calpine. He developed models of Pillar Data and SPL allowing each company to consider various operating scenarios. Doug managed a group at SBC evaluating all new products, processes and services. Recommended projects now generate over $10B in revenue.


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