Nortel has 3,500 patents

DFN: I’m a believer in patents, I always take it as a good sign. The more patents, the newer the patents, the better. Conversely, the more patent suits, the worse.

Nortel’s Patent Analysis Deal with Global IP
By Mark Evans | Published: October 31, 2009

With 3,500 patents still in its possession, Nortel has hired an intellectual property consulting company, Global IP, to do an analysis and valuation of its portfolio.

In a court filing, Nortel said it hired Global IP after submitting requests for proposals to nine consulting firm based on the belief it requires “the services of a capable and experienced intellectual property consulting firm because, among other reasons, the valuation and monetization of the Residual Patent Portfolio cannot be effectuated without such services, and such efforts are important to the Debtors’ success in their Chapter 11 cases both individually and as part of Nortel’s global restructuring efforts.”

In what could be a three-phase project, Global IP will initially perform a preliminary market analysis, identify key assets within the patent portfolio, and provide insight into the strength of each patent. This phase will cost $350,000, plus expenses.

If implemented, the second phase will involve the development of business cases for each key patent. The third phase will involve a valuation analysis of the top patents within the portfolio, the creation of strategic alternatives for “exploiting” (translation: getting as much money as possible for them), as well as a strategic recommendation on how to maximize the value of the entire patent portfolio and IP business.


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