Cliff Notes – Julie Youngblood – 10/31/2009

Julie Youngblood is the co-founder of Dear Jane.  She spoke at JC today. Dear Jane, is a ‘career advisement’ company. They’re like Lee Hecht Harrison, but, they work with individuals. Julie talked about interviewing. Here’s the ‘cliff’ notes.

Interviewing Skills
Julie Youngblood – Dear Jane
Insiders perspective
Top 35 interview question handout, email for handount / powerpoint

Interview prep
Dos and dont’s
How to close the deal

Types – phone, face 2 face, panel

Phone = intend 2 screen out

Face 2 face = multiple rounds

Panel = intentional pressure

Give a range on salary, try to defer

Interview – two way street

Always have work related questions
Don’t ask about how many days off

Anticipate questions –
What do you know about the comp?

Look at About us, executive bios, linkedin, pressroom as a way to generate questions

Conduct mock interviews b4 hand to make youreself more at ease

First impressions count, be ontime

Take pride that you got an interview

Arrive 10 minutes early
Be kind / professional to everyone you meet

Personal grooming Important

Turn off cell / don’t send text mags

Dress professionally

Under dress – blownout

Bring extra copies of resume; have pen, paper to take notes

Know your resume in detail

Taboo interview topics, age, gender, kids – answer how? Why do you need to know? Don’t answer.
Dean’s take – go with the flow

Find common ground. Soccer dad.

Interviews don’t slouch, tap,
Don’t chew gum, don’t smoke, beware of scents, don’t fidget, be professional, be wary, don’t be yourself down

Interview do; have a positive upbeat attitude
Be confident / there’s a reason your there at the interview

Be sincre, be brief, let them lead
Take notes, get business cards

What”s your weakness, pick something your working on to improve

How do you close the deal?
Wrapping up?
Am I the sort of person your looking for?
What’s the next step, tell me about the hiring process, shows interest.
Send thank yous, take notes after the interview about what happened.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Doug, I really appreciate your leadership, and like the summary of the session.

    For the interview prep here are some of the sites Julie noted to find out about company culture and values:,,,

    Hope it helps,

  2. […] Neeper has put together a very good summary of Julie’s presentation on his blog. Here are the Top 10 Do’s and […]

  3. Great summary, Doug – Thanks!

  4. Doug,

    Thank you, this is much appreciated.


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