Cliff Notes – Randy Block – 10/24/2009

These notes were taken on my iTouch at Randy Blocks 10/24/09
presentation to Job Connections.

Randy Block – Maximizing Your Job Search

35 years retained search, coaching

The Macro View
parts of the country hurting, westerners purchasing patterns broken

Bay Area Job Buzz

Healthcare hot
Government hot
Green collar jobs hot
Mobile computing hot

Fossil fuels hot

Bay Area tech wire dotcom
Good source of potential leads, whose funding what.

Accounting hot
Interim (50+) hot

Applying online doesn’t work
Large boards not working
Niche job board dotcom may work

Company’s hiring solutions
Two sources of pain – INCREASE REVENUES or increase productivity

Each of us is a solution provider
Successful businesses have a brand

Personal brand
What defines you
Why would a company hire you
What are your relevant strengths
What’s your tag line (what’s unique)

What are your values, what do you prize, chose, act on

Motivational skills, unique talents, easy and fun to use

Resume – strength, value, skills
Master resume, accomplishments support brand, make it relevant to needs. Tailor cover letter to job description

Networking exchanging information

Three type of people, A = how can i help; B= maybe close C = others

Who do you know?

Networking questions
What kind of work do you do
How did you get into the field

What do you like about what you do
What do you find challenging
What would make your job easier
What are the biggest challenges your organization facing

How do you measure success
Number of interviews

Number of networking meetings

Changing industries
Must be introduced (network)
serious pay cuts to get in
Everyone can relate to metrics

In 2010,
Relationship building
Become the hunted, not hunter

Become a sme
Become a thought leader
Linkedin and Twitter
Companies use internet to find you

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