Companies that offer to get you a job, for a fee

I belong to an national organization, the Financials Executives Networking Group (FENG). This is an organization of Director / Controller or above finance / accounting professionals. One of the benefits you get from joining (no cost to join), is a nightly newsletter emailed to you by the group’s Chairman, Matt Bud. Oftentimes, the newsletter contains jobs and on occasion questions from group members.

In the 10/15/09 Newsletter, one member asked a question regarding a particular company which for a fee, would help this person find a job. I think the gist of the person’s question was, Is this a good idea?

I truly understand the appeal of giving someone $5,000 +/- and in return they get you a job. However, its a short cut, and I’ve never seen anyone that speaks highly of the process or points to a job they’ve gotten from spending this money. In fact, the almost uniform after the money’s spent reaction, is "boy, what a rip-off; they didn’t deliver on anything thing they promised". I’m sure there’s some firm out there that’s truly delivering on this potentially valuable service, but, to date I think the consensus would be that they’ve remained well hidden.

Let me me more blunt, this is a short-cut, and how often in your life have short cuts worked out? Looking for work is hard work, it is a FULL TIME JOB and then some. Rather than spending $5,000+/-, spend time and effort applying to jobs, and networking, networking ,networking.

Anyone wanting to talk about this directly, can reach me at 925.938.8261 or email me at doug.neeper. Or, what the heck, respond to this blog posting.


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