Cliff Notes- Walt Feigenson Presentation 10/17/09

DFN: Walt Feigenson spent an incredible 45 minutes with the group this morning, funny entertaining and insightful. I’ve listened to Walt five + times, and I always get something new from his presentation. He did his presentation a bit differently this time, and proved that it can result in getting a job, Walt just landed a position with a LA based health drink company, that needs someone to manage their Internet prescience.

Cliff Notes: Walt Feigenson Presentation (Wally’ s Follies)

Why manage your “brand”?
Get found on Internet
Make it easy to find you
Make yourself a subject matter expert (study, research, publish, become a thought leader, people come to you). One note for notes.

Things to do to create a prescence (not a complete list)

Create various profiles on www
Good linkedin profile, picture
Google profile
Zoom info, Ziggs, Ziggy
Facebook profile, blog can be sent to wall., create a blog (you can use email to populate this blog). Google profile
Google ad

Google Alerts
RSS feeds / Google reader
Workit networking events
Vista print business cards
Put picture on business card
Jobber jobber
Create your own website
Use Google Analytics
Wixs for free website

Comment on other blogs
Promote yourself through social media
Google Juice
Huffinton post
Fast company

Personal branding statement: “I help you get found on the internet” (Walt’s), it should be on your business card.

Type in personal branding statement

Real leverage comes when they type what there looking for and they find you.

2/3 of hiring people look on linked for you.
Then they’ll look on the Internet, caveat emptier.

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2 Responses

  1. Oh funny, and stupid of me. At the end of the first paragraph, I said (joke), except that I used the greater than/less than sign, which is interpreted as HMTL. Sorry my clarification didn’t make it through in my previous comment. -walt

  2. I KNEW somebody was there stealing my presentation!!!

    thanks Doug. Two small points: it’s ziki, not ziggy. The latter is a cartoon character. And the web site is

    Glad you were awake through the whole presentation. -walt

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