“New” Approach to Finding Jobs

10/16/09 – Blog # 1

I don’t claim to have invented this approach, but, its a good example of unintended outcomes, and reinforces the thought that while your in job search you should consider doing ‘things’ outside the norm, perhaps outside your comfort level; this is where ‘hidden’ opportunities arise.

My friend and Personal Branding Guru Walt Feigenson (Wally’s Follies – hoped I spelt your name right, Walt) gave a class on personal branding, and during his discourse suggested ‘you’ should setup google alerts for subjects your interested in; that way these articles come to you, rather than you having to go out and find them. Anyway, I setup google alerts for Business Cases, Business Planning, Business Case Modeling, Financial Planning & Analysis and Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and Olmecs (the later are based on a personal fascination with antiquities, the former are business / professionally related).

Almost immediately, I started to see job postings as well as articles, a lot of which I was not interested in (jobs and articles) for one reason or another, but the job postings were for jobs I was not seeing from other sources. This morning, in the Business Planning feed, I saw someone looking for a business plan writer for a venture based out of Las Vegas. I responded to the blind ad on Craigslist and will keep you posted on the results. As an aside, it also pointed out I should create a RSS feed from Craigslist, from the gigs section, and send that feed to my google reader, a fine addition to my other job feeds.



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