Ten Critical Steps to find the position you want

DFN: Not sure the date that this was written, but, its applicable to today’s job search.

The Ten Critical Steps
Michael F. Sherman
Executive Member Relations, Execunet

You will find the position you want if you take these steps:

1. Set goals: What do you want to do? What are your salary requirements? What types of positions are you willing to accept? How far are you willing to commute? Goal-setting early in your search will help you make better decisions down the road.

2. Tap your network: Reach out to and engage your network. Organize your contacts into power brokers and peers. Your power brokers are connected to decision-makers in many companies, while your peers may only have connections within their present company, so it is important to develop unique ways of communicating with each group.

3. Develop your materials: Be sure to identify your unique benefits and features, so you can determine what to bring to the table and the benefits of your skills to a potential employer. A résumé listing your previous jobs won’t stand out from the flood of résumés employers now receive for each opening. Describing your unique skills and accomplishments and how they can benefit a potential employer will.

4. Write a positioning statement: Create your positioning statement (elevator speech), then present it to your network for feedback.

5. Manage your pipeline: Continue to contact the power brokers in your network for new opportunities.

6. Get visible online: Make sure your profile on ExecuNet and other professional networking sites consistently reflect your positioning statement, and your work history and experience support it.

7. Gather strangers: Continue to grow your network. Reach out to former clients and vendors, professional associations, community groups and lifestyle groups. Emphasize positive past encounters or shared goals and interests.

8. Continue to reach out to your power brokers: Check in with the power brokers in your network every 30 days, so you’ll be top of mind when an opportunity comes their way.

9. Measure your progress: Start measuring your success both numerically (for example, the number of contacts you are making) and qualitatively (how people are responding to you and your value statement).

10. Remember: No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day. You may find a job in 90 days or less. Or your search may take you much longer. Keep your momentum going and never give up until you reach your destination.



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