New Roman Grotto – South Lebanon

DFN: What caught my attention was the mention of mosaics, my family and I saw some incredible mosaic floors at the Roman ruins in Italicia, Spain. Rome, sure was far reaching!


How to create a One Page Business Plan

DFN: Agree with Vera about keeping it simple, but, its not a 1 page plan, its a plan 1 page devoted to each critical section, and its for your benefit, not to convince a banker or an investor to help fund your operations, its merely a guide to keep you and your business on track.

Hidden Costs of Unstructured Processes

DFN: Sandy raises a valid point and has some good suggestions regarding uncovering unstructured processes. These processes are more ‘insidious’ and consequently more difficult to get your arms around. If of significant magnitude, left unaddressed, theses hidden processes will torpedo efforts to gain control of costs.