Cliff Notes – Brian Golter 09/26/2009

Grade: Inspiration (A); Entertainment (A); Practical Application (B)

Brian Golter was the speaker today at Job Connections. Brian talked about the dreams you have as you’re growing up, and 1) what happens to stop you from achieving those dreams; 2) how you can get back to those dreams / and the impact they can have on your current life. What’s your story? Why are you the way you are? Need to figure this, impacts your future.

1) Growth = relationship to leader; need to focus on leader not job.

2) Believing in lies impedes growth/success; e.g., need more $, versus enjoying job

3) False associations lead to fear. Buffaloes herd, running towards cliff, jumping off cliff. False associations: a) I am what I do b) I am what I have c) I am what others think of me.

Brian’s facade = don’t want to be humiliated. Solution = be just like you are.

How do you break free? Story; woman wants Brian to find her a job. Gets call from woman three days later, ‘You haven’t found me a job’; “Can’t”, Brian, “Tell me something; what do you like to do?” Loves beach. “Go to the beach”. Fbombs; People came to take house, she went on a walk along beach, frustrated, living in fear; came to resolution, done living in fear; had forgotten, people had volunteered to help her with a place to temporarily stay; Fear makes us forget our options; Brian gets a job requisition, reluctantly calls the woman. She apologizes. Brian tells her about job. She interviewed, got job. Back on beach, she took a further step, felt like something was being created for her. She realizes it was this job.

Brian’s website; Brian’s Book on Amazon “Your Right Job, Right Now”

Brian’s contact info: Brian Golter; Brian Golter & Associates; 650-947-8700;



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